Folks Are Sharing Their Cringiest Celeb Encounters On Deuxmoi And I Want The Earth To Swallow Me

Deuxmoi Celebrities

You know when you have an awkward encounter with a stranger or an acquaintance and then it becomes your brain’s favourite mini-series to play over and over again at 3am when you’re trying to go to sleep? If that sentence resonates, you have anxiety, my friend. But the good news is, it could be much worse. You could have had an awkward encounter with a celebrity, rather than a stranger. With strangers, you can eventually forget it. But with celebs, every time you see them you’ll be reminded of your awkward faux pas.

Sadly, as an entertainment reporter, I’ve had more cringy celeb encounters than I’d like to admit. Even yesterday, I blurted to Australia’s sweetheart Sophie Monk that I’m excessively sweaty. I don’t know why I said that, but I did.

Anyway, this morning gossip gal Deuxmoi asked people to write in with some of their cringiest encounters with celebs, and boy, did the responses deliver.

As it turns out, the stories were not just awkward encounters for the normies. Many of them are cringy moments from the stars.

Celebrities, they’re just like us. And let’s just say they made me feel a teensy bit better about the Sophie Monk thing.

Deuxmoi Celebrities
Love you Sophie, sorry I was weird. xoxox (Image Source: Getty Images / Don Arnold)

I’ve divided these encounters into sections because I have a Capricorn rising.

Celebs being dicks

“I ran into Cole Sprouse at a bar when I was going to the bathroom. He asked if I had followed him in.”

Usher had a BIG tantrum because someone else bought the shoes he wanted in a small LA shop.”

Anthony Kiedis one time screamed at my husband for ignoring him.”

Justin Timberlake asked that servers at Catch NY not look him in the eyes while having dinner circa 2011.”

“I accidentally touched Lisa Vanderpump‘s hand and she pulled it away like I had the plague.”

Deuxmoi Celebrities
I don’t make the rules. Vanderpump Rules. (Image Source: Getty Images / Todd Williamson)

James Corden had a go at me when I asked when the next series of Gavin and Stacey was.”

“Years ago Lily Allen told me to move and when I didn’t she said ‘Are you blind or deaf? Move.’”

Ellie Goulding refusing butter at a restaurant that wasn’t carved or ‘melon-balled’.”

“I complimented Justin Bieber‘s diamond-crusted watch in 2013ish and his remark was, ‘It cost more…than your mortgage.”

Chris Noth spilled his beer on me and then stole my cab on the same night.”

Deuxmoi Celebrities
I wonder how much this watch cost. (Image Source: Getty IMages / Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

Hilariously strange and unexpected celebrity interactions

“One time Vin Diesel followed my roommate all around Beverly Center back in the day and kept saying he knew her and that his name was Vinny Barbarino. This went on for 30 minutes or more. Well, he recognised her because she did porn but he couldn’t place her.”

“I had sushi with Danny Masterson.” This one didn’t age well, did it?

“I was in a human pyramid with Weird Al after one of his concerts.”

“My dad met Steve Carrell at Dunkin’ Doughnuts and said, ‘love your work in Minions‘… of all things.”

Another person said they overheard Lea Michele refer to herself in the third person while talking to Jonathan Groff while Spring Awakening was on Broadway. “Jonathan come on! Lea’s cold!” she said.

Deuxmoi Celebrities
If this man followed me around I would ask him where his jacket is from before calling the cops. (Image Source: Getty Images / Steve Granitz)

A reminder that celebs are human

“I served Harry Styles cupcakes and then his bags broke and they dropped all over the floor.”

“I served Jake Gyllenhaal a few years ago and he sat there taking selfies the entire meal.” Don’t come for Jake for feeling himself. If I looked like that man, I’d be taking selfies all day long.

“I met Chris Evans a time ago and he said ‘congratulations’ to my mum. He thought she was pregnant. She wasn’t.”

“I saw Maude Apatow at Sephora in NYC. I went up to her to say hi and she pretended to take a call.”

“I told Colin Farrell to take his feet off the movie theatre seat in front of him.”

Deuxmoi Celebrities
I’d climb this man like a tree. Sorry for being horny on main. (Image Source: Getty Images / Chelsea Guglielmino)

I will be thinking about this at 3am and it didn’t happen to me

“I hugged Amy Adams because she looked so familiar I thought she was a friend.”

“I legit shimmied my way up to Leo DiCaprio in a club trying to be all casual. Cringe for me, all he could do was laugh.”

Amy Poehler and Will Arnett meeting with a divorce mediator and me asking for a pic.”

“I had a bachelorette party at Bemelmans in NYC, had too many martinis, blacked out. I woke up to realise I had apparently befriended Selena Gomez and Cara Delevingne.”

Deuxmoi Celebrities
(Image Source: Instagram / Deuxmoi)

“I broke Anderson Cooper‘s BlackBerry when he stopped to take a photo with me.”

“I met Henry Cavill and asked for a hug and he goes, ‘I don’t know you might shag me’.” I’m telling you now if he said that to me I’d combust into flames.

“I asked Rihanna what she did for a living.”

“I met Alan Rickman at the doctor’s office while holding my own urine sample.”

“I trash-talked Nathan Lane‘s performance in a play LOUDLY, turned around and he was there.”

“I had to zip up Liza Minnelli‘s pants in a restaurant bathroom. The zipper was at the front and her undies had gold sequins the size of dimes all over them.”

Deuxmoi Celebrities
Outfits are about consistency, no? (Image Source: Getty Images / Larry Busacca)

Wow, wasn’t that fun?

I know it seems like there are a lot of these awkward encounters in this article but there are even more on Deuxmoi’s Stories so go check them out before they disappear.