People Are Sharing Their Most Boring, Mundane Celeb Encounters & It’s Mild

Usually when people are sharing their brief brushes with celebrity, it’s because the moment was pivotal in some way.

There was that time people shared stories of celebs being nice almost as proof they could be, like Matilda star Mara Wilson shared that the actors who played her evil on-screen parents – Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman – let her stay with them when her mum was undergoing surgery for cancer.

And then there was the time that people were sharing excruciatingly awkward celebrity encounters, like the poor person who met Harry Styles and immediately fell into a “how are you? / good, how are you? / great, how are you?” spiral that can never be recovered from.

But this one is different. Now, people are sharing their most mundane stories of celebrity encounters, the ones so supremely boring that they wouldn’t be a story if the other person didn’t happen to be insanely good-looking and/or talented.

This one about Martin Freeman in particular is great, because he’s so ordinary-looking that he could easily be someone you kinda know through someone else, only you actually know him through some of the biggest franchises of the 21st Century.

There’s quite a few that clearly prove technology might be making us lonelier than ever, but it’s also responsible for a few brief moments of celebrity encounter.

Of course, celebs who also use Twitter got involved. IDK if “mundane celebrity encounters” count when you are also a celebrity, but okay, Kumail.

And presumably, growing up with Robin Williams as your dad means “celebrity encounters” were actually just “your parents friends just coming over for takeaway food night”.

And poor Terry Crews was just trying to take a shit.

Have a read through some of the most mundane, dull encounters with fellow human beings who just happen to be famous. It’s wild mild.