People Are Sharing Stories Of Celebs Being Nice To Counteract The Bad Times

It’s… not the best time to hold onto your individual celebrity fandoms fairly closely. And that’s sugar coating the issue to within an inch of its life. The on-going sexual harassment scandal that is, at long bloody last, starting to publicly weed out some of Hollywood’s more infamous “open secrets” is claiming name after name seemingly by the day. And while that is incredibly good, overdue, and vitally important work, the constant stream of stories and updates gives the whole industry a pretty grubby look.

So it’s worthwhile noting that, while the bad people do exist in large numbers, the entire cult of Hollywood and entertainment also has more than its fair share of absolute human treasures as well.

In response to the overwhelming volume of bad celebrity stories, people have been taking to Twitter today to share their often unheralded encounters with nice celebrities who have done good, selfless, kind things. And it’s all a bit wonderful.

It all started with this humble call out a few hours ago.

And then in came the yarns. Thick and fast.

Pete by-god Postlethwaite throwing out playful belly rubs oh my absolute fuck.

The idea that Method Man smells incredible is so intensely soothing.

This is, inescapably, one of the most unbelievably good mental images of all time. Sinbad, doffing the frozen cap to a stranger. Unreal.

There is absolutely heaps more in that thread if you feel like reading; some truly heartwarming stuff in there.

‘Course it goes without saying that the amount of good people in the industry will forever outweigh the bad, but in an era where the bad stories have to be told and told loudly, sometimes it’s nice to sit back, take a few moments off, and pay attention to some nice things.

It’s good for the soul.