The Internet Is Having A Fkn Field Day Dissecting Justin & Hailey Bieber’s Recent NYC Outing

Have you ever seen the living embodiment of a meme? No? Then may I present to you the living, breathing version of “She’s Barbie, He’s just Ken.” I’m talking, of course, about those pictures of Justin and Hailey Bieber.

The two were papped attending the launch of a new product for Hailey’s Rhode Beauty skincare line on Monday. It is reported that the pair were heading to a Krispy Kreme, which seems to be a part of a collab between the doughnut joint and Rhode Beauty.

Hailey, current reigning queen of the strawberry girl aesthetic, was serving a look. She wore a strapless, red Ermanno Scervino minidress, accessorised with a “B” pedant necklace, with stiletto Maison Ernest heels. Justin wore… white trackie dacks, a baseball cap and crocs.

Which, to be fair, is generally what I wear to Krispy Kreme too.

And listen, we love a comfortable look. We love to keep it casual. But we also love pulling up your pants, because the Biebs was wearing his shorts low, flashing his undies just like 14-year-old boys in high school love to do.

Naturally, because sometimes the internet is a fun place, people have risen to the challenge of roasting Justin’s outfit.

It’s not the first time the couple have looked like they’re attending wildly different events. In fact, it was first observed by TikToker Olivia L (@olivialayne6) in a now viral video that the two never seem to dress like they’re attending the same event.

“My favourite game to play when I see Justin and Hailey Bieber out is to try and guess where the fuck they were going because they because 9 times out of 10 they are never dressed for the same event,” she pointed out.

Do their stylists just not talk? Does Justin not even have a stylist? Did either of them actually get and eat doughnuts that day? These are just some of the questions we’re left with as all we can do is pray that this current lot of memes will last us until the next time they dress up to leave the house.