This Bloke Punching A ‘Roo To Protect His Dog Has The Internet Worked Up

Footage of a ‘Strayan bloke punching a ‘roo square in the gob has gone absolutely, irrevocably viral. 

Look, we know that sentence is a lot to take in, and you’re probably already reaching for your pitchforks, but here’s the thing: it was to protect a pup.
The clip – a phone recording of a currently unidentified Australian outdoors TV program*, which was posted to Facebook – shows a fella named Greg bolt from a 4WD. 
In the middle distance is his dog, Max, being manhandled and kicked by a pretty burly lookin’ kangaroo.
What’s a man to do when ol’ m8 is being harassed by a grabby marsupial? Clock it, obviously:

The Facebook video has been viewed 3.1 million times since it was uploaded early this morning, partly / wholly due to the fact that the dude just upped and socked a fucking kangaroo to protect his dog.
Twitter, predictably, has gone wild:

At this point, we feel like we should mention it’s not cool to go out and throw hands with a wild kangaroo, and you should probably keep a close eye on your dogs while you’re out bush.
It’s also worth pointing out Greg could have bolted after Max was released. 
Remember, folks: not everyone walks away after punching a kangaroo looking like a good pet owner.
*The search for the show in question continues.