Britney Spears’ Instagram Is A Pure, Prized Jewel & We Must Protect It At All Costs

Last year, Britney Spears called out the haters who constantly diss her Instagram page, admitting that they make it hard for her “to keep wanting to share”.

“Happy holidays friends !!!!” she captioned her latest ‘gram this afternoon. “I love sharing with you all … but it’s been hard to keep wanting to share because people say the meanest things !!! If you don’t like a post … just keep it to yourself and unfollow that person !!! There’s no reason to ever go out of your way to make mean comments and bully people. Stay happy and nice this holiday season y’all and God Bless !!!!!”

Months on, and our queen is still copping flack for her wholesome posts. She’s even deleting a bunch of ’em.

Right. That’s it. To quote general truth-speaker Gina Liano, “you [haters] need to snap the fuck out of it.”

I MEAN IT, BITCH. (Image: Arena)

[jwplayer oTLxnTkI]

In an app filled with so much fakery and tomfoolery, never will we ever witness another Instagram page that is so pure…

…A page that imparts so much wisdom…

…A page that is filled with such an inspired hotbed of fitspo workout videos

…And a page that is just so damn sweet.

Yes, it may be slightly blurry at times, and yes, some clips may linger for a couple of awkward seconds too long, and yes, the montages may be accompanied by some interesting music choices, but you cannot deny how genuinely nice and sincere and… Britney it is.

One day, our Southern Belle is going to get tired of all the shit comments and stop posting forever, and when that devastating, Earth-shattering time comes, we’re going to feel ashamed for driving such wholesome selfie/workout/montage content away.– we truly don’t deserve your effortless beauty, choice exercise regimes and inspired life epiphanies.

We simply must protect this URL at all costs.

To the haters, I leave you with one final message:

In a world full of Jenners and Hadids, be a Spears.