The MVP Of The ARIAs Goes To “Bogan Britney Spears” Sophie Monk Reciting ‘Slave 4 U’

Didn’t watch the 33rd Annual ARIA Awards? That’s alright… The only image you need to love and admire from the night is one that depicts Sophie Monk wrangling a python while reciting Britney Spears lyrics. (Never did I think I’d be able to write that sentence, but hey, here we are.)

At one point in the ceremony, when Robert Irwin and the beautifully terrifying python came on stage to present an award, he invited our queen Sophie Monk to come up and become best pals with the reptile.

Image: Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

Doesn’t this belong in the Louvre? MY GOD.

“I’ve been waiting for this moment my whole life, like Britney Spears. I feel like the bogan Britney Spears,” Monk said, while casually nursing the python.

She then seized the moment and began singing ‘Slave 4 U’ and it was truly one of the most iconic ARIA moments of our generation. Check out the moment she stopped singing due to the python rudely interrupting her with its slithering.

Stream Sophie’s Calendar Girl and Britney’s self-titled ’01 album Britney for clear skin and improved grades. I’m about to start a GoFundMe to get the pair collabing on a future project. How bloody fab would that be.