Britney Spears Called Sam Asghari Her ‘Husband’ & My Secret Wedding Sensor Is Now Tingling

Queen of all of our hearts, main character of the 21st century and the celebrity I most want to see experience real joy and happiness Britney Spears hinted that she might be married via IG. I love this for her. Keep us guessing queen!

Britney posted an (adorable) vid of baby turtles being released onto a beach. She’s currently on holiday with her longterm partner Sam Asghari.

Cute but not very marriage-y, you might be thinking! But think again, dear friend. In the caption of the vid, Britney Spears wrote: “my husband @samasghari sent me this”.

There we have it, the most important H word since haemorrhoids. Now, keen eyed Britney fans will know that she usually refers to Sam as her fiancé ever since the couple got engaged back in September of 2021.

I have my detective hat on and there are a couple of signs pointing to possible secret wedding, IMO.

The first and biggest clue is (obv) Britney calling Sam her husband. You don’t have to be a genius to work that one out.

In this cute vid of them on the plane, Britney posted a sweet message about Sam’s birthday, which they were celebrating on their holibobs. She called Sam her fiancé in the caption.

Then just last night she posted a gorg couple shot of the two of them, which she captioned: “Happy Birthday 🎊🎁 to my Fiancé … I love you so much ❤️ … I want a family with you … I want it all with you !!!!”

Fucking adorable, my heart is melting, all the good stuff.

Just three hours later, she posted the pic referring the Sam as her husband. Yeah, it could just be a cute nickname. But three hours is deff enough for a surprise, romantic birthday wedding if you ask me!

Plus, Brit’s literally wearing a white-ish dress. The math is mathing, the puzzle pieces are aligning, I am BBC’s Sherlock Holmes.

Britney Spears knows her stans are loyal and they’d pick up on a lingo shift like that. The best example is her Instagram comments, which contain hundreds of people typing the word “husband?!” with heart eye emojis.

TBH, whether she’s actually married or is just playing with us, as long as Britney’s happy I don’t really care. Hopefully Sam gives her the love and affection she deserves, and if there are cute wedding pics out there Britney should only share them if she wants to.