It Literally Fkn Snowed In VIC Last Night, If You’re Wondering Why Yr Nips Are Rock Hard

Snow in Mount Hotham, Victoria

If you work in an office setting like me (virtual or not), you’ve probably heard some version of “fuck, it’s a bit chilly out” approximately 11 thousand times today. Well, guard thine nips, because it IS chilly out: Mount Hotham in Victoria was covered in over 10cm of snow last night, right at the end of spring.

Hot girl summer is cancelled and Snowvember is in, according to the images posted by the official Hotham Twitter account, which look straight out of the wardrobe to Narnia, minus my first love, Mr Tumnus.

The account wrote that there was over 10cm of snow in Hotham on Sunday, with more expected later that night — with temperatures down to -3C. This is extremely rude and disrespectful of all our collective hot girl summer plans, which have already been postponed 83 times given the storms, hail, record-breaking rain and La Nińa event that are apparently hellbent on cockblocking me and the sun.

Gippsland MP Darren Chester shared a tweet of the blizzard-like snow, which actually would be super cool if it was winter and I was in an Airbnb. But I’m in an apartment, working, with no heating, and snow-chilled winds whipping through my draughty window. So the snow can suck it.

“Summer just around the corner? Not today”, he said. Where is the sun!!! Where is it!!!

The snow last night is just the latest of wild weather chaos that seems to be determined to out-do itself every week.

First we had Victoria’s earthquake, and then we had NSW’s tornado. And then a spate of storms right after each other, including hail that was so bad it caved in a Westfield rooftop. Oh, and there’s the multi-state flood warnings, as well as the potential double La Nińa event.

We get it, it’s the apocalypse, we’re doomed, etc, now please can the earth restore warmth to my aching bones!! Thank you.