In case you (somehow) missed it, yes, an earthquake did indeed strike Victoria on Wednesday morning shortly after 9am, sending a tremor through large parts of Melbourne and surrounds, and lighting up group chats across the state.

Folks from as far as Canberra, Albury and Tasmania claim to have felt the tremors in the aftermath of the quake, which damaged buildings and shattered windows across Victoria.

Thanks to a handful of Melburnians, we have a heap of videos and images of the aftermath of the quake, which showcase just how devastating it was across the city.

I’m talking rooftops ripped right off, bricks across the street, a whole mess. Nobody could have predicted that 2021 would just chuck this our way.

Credit: Tiah Slattery for P.TV

As you can see, the earthquake was not fucking around.

According to the Seismology Centre, the preliminary quake registered as a 5.8 magnitude with a depth of 10km, and the epicentre has been located around 100km east of the city in the Gippsland area of Mansfield.

“There is a small likelihood that there could be a larger event but we’ll see as we go,” Seismology Research Centre head Adam Pascale told ABC News.

“The main thing for people to remember is if they do start to feel some shaking. There’s usually a primary and a secondary wave.

“The primary wave will give you a few seconds to get under a table and hold on.”

The SES has assured that there is no current threat of a tsunami following the quake.

Image: Twitter