Yesterday Was Melbourne’s Coldest May Day Since 2000, So RIP Your Toes

This one goes out to all the Melburnians who are unable to sense the temperature: yes, it has been really goddamn cold. So cold, in fact, that Wednesday’s peak of 10.6C gave the Victorian capital its coldest May day in almost 20 years.

[jwplayer VaVTudTc]

Reports from recording stations around the CBD confirmed that Melbourne shivered through morning lows before reaching that temperature around 1.52pm. That’s chillier than any May day since 2000.

It was mighty cold elsewhere in the state, too. Ballarat recorded some light autumn snowfalls after inching towards a maximum temperature of 5.7c.

You better believe it was bonza for the state’s alpine regions, too. The fine folks at Mount Hotham Alpine Resort recorded 65cm of snow yesterday, which was bolstered by fresh powder overnight.

Those are some mighty fine conditions, considering the ski season opens in ten days.

Those statewide lows were brought about by polar air breezing up from Victoria’s southwest.

Temperatures aren’t projected to stay quite so frigid, though.

Despite Melbourne waking up to colder temperatures than were recorded at the same time yesterday, some cloud cover is expected to insulate the city a wee bit, bringing with it some slightly higher temps.

Speaking to The Guardian, the Bureau of Meteorology’s senior forecaster Tom Delamotte said temperatures are expected to return to their seasonal average by the end of the week.