Here’s All The Vital Weather Deets To Help Prep Yr Easter Long Weekend

The Easter long weekend – that blessed confluence of impromptu road trips, supermarket confectionery, and the resurrection of a Jewish carpenter – is upon us once more. 

While we’re sure you’re raring to hit the road, tear the foil off some choccie oblongs, and / or partake in the religious ceremony of your choosing, it’s probs worthwhile checking out the weather conditions beforehand.

After all, it’s looking mighty unlikely you’ll be able to confidently pack your togs for one final blazing beach trip before winter makes its frosty presence known.

Sydney, you’re in for a dang mild stretch across the weekend. It’ll hit a max of 26ºC on Monday, with a low chance of showers until then. We know having a cool and cloudy April seems weird after last year’s broiler, but here we are – you’re actually going to have a pearler this time around.
Things are cooler still in Melbourne. It’ll barely creep above 21ºC, and peeps in the Victorian capital can expect to be shrouded in clouds until Monday. Consider a parka if you’re venturing out on Friday, ’cause there’s a 40% of rain anytime before the evening.
Not cold enough? Welp, consider an early jaunt up to Mount Hotham, on the off, off, off chance any more snow descends on the region after an unseasonable sprinkling earlier this week. 

Well well well, only one word to say…SNOW

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For fans of warmth, Brisbane may be your best bet. While it’ll be partly cloudy throughout, the erstwhile Sunshine State will hover between maximums of 27ºC and 29ºC between Friday and Monday.

Perth is looking similar, but with a somewhat lower chance of showers interrupting your long-awaited garden Easter egg hunt. The temperature will peak at 28ºC on Friday, lowering to a beaut 23ºC on Monday.

Residents of the City of Churches: the conditions will be v. pleasant for you to, you know, check ’em out. Adelaide will bounce around a maximum of 24ºC-25ºC, and while you can count on cloud cover, the chances of showers are negligible. BEAUT.

Tassie will be turning chilly. Hobart locals, prepare to welcome winter’s icy embrace with a cloudy maximum of 19ºC. 

If that’s simply not your bag / egg-filled basket, hoof it up to Darwin. 

Dry season can you please hurry up #Darwin #sunset #northernterritory

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Although they just shivered through one of their coldest days on record – at 18.1 degrees Celcius – things are back to normal this weekend. It’ll reach the low thirties, with a possible storm on Friday.
Alternatively, submerge yourself in blankets and ingest horrifying amounts of cacao and its byproducts. As is tradition.