Just when we were hoping conspiracy chef Pete Evans and Liberal MP Craig Kelly would fade into irrelevance, it appears the two have decided to cross-pollinate their clout.

By that we mean Evans interviewed Kelly on his podcast, as if his current brand of ear-torture wasn’t batshit enough.

“Fully enjoyed a great 90 minute chat with this beautiful and beyond courageous man,” Evans wrote on Insta.

“Craig Kelly MP is sharing the truth over and over again and keeps moving forward without fear. You my friend are a true hero to many free thinking Australians and I look forward to sharing a meal with you… perhaps in Canberra in the not too distant future?”

Already in the comments, Evans’ followers are lapping this shit up.

According to a screenshot shared on Twitter, Evans also sent out the push to his followers on Telegram, the privacy-oriented messenger app.

“If Craig Kelly has been interviewed by Pete Evans for his channel of QAnon conspiracy theorists, neo-Nazis, Holocaust deniers and COVID menaces – then Scott Morrison and the Liberals should dump him immediately from the party,” wrote the Twitter user who shared the screenshot.

Evans was cancelled into oblivion when he went all-out and started posting Nazi symbolism on social media late last year.

He subsequently lost his book deals, got banned from Facebook and Spotify, and his once-successful TV career has now been cemented into the grave.

However no senior Liberal politician has yet to publicly utter a word against Craig Kelly, despite his prolific peddling of coronavirus misinformation (hydroxychloroquine, anyone?) and other conspiracy theories.

When asked on Monday about the rogue MP, Morrison just made some lame jokes.

Perhaps this particular association with someone who’s public image has fallen so deeply into disrepute will be enough to make the government finally speak up.

Image: Instagram / @chefpeteevans