Human Pimple Craig Kelly Was Bestowed ‘The Bent Spoon Award’ For All That COVID Misinformation

Craig Kelly's head in a bent spoon

Local pest Craig Kelly has been awarded the Australian Skeptic Society’s annual ‘Bent Spoon Award’, a title bestowed upon those responsible for the most ridiculous misinformation spread of the year. Very fitting, if I do say so myself.

The Bent Spoon Award is presented every year by the Australian Skeptics Society to “the perpetrator of the most preposterous piece of paranormal or pseudo-scientific piffle”. Wow, that sentence alone just rejuvenated me and cleared my skin.

The Australian Skeptics executive officer Tim Mendham said Kelly was the “hands down” winner, and that he was chosen pretty much unanimously by organisations all across Australia.

“Politician Craig Kelly has been spreading – or more likely shouting – misinformation about COVID and vaccinations for some time, offering dubious cures, conspiracy theories, and an interesting way with statistics. He is a deserving winner,” Mendham said in a post on the Australian Skeptic’s Facebook page.

Kelly joins the likes of notoriously unhinged Pete Evans, and influencers like Sarah’s Day, in receiving the award. Name a more cursed trio, I’ll wait.

In case you need a recap of all the misinformation, well, there’s a lot.

We could talk about Kelly’s incessant texting of the Australian population, with dubious links to the Therapeutic Goods Association that led the organisation to considered legal action after it demanded he stop using their info out of context. He then told the TGA that actually apparently they’re the ones spreading misinformation. A full on UNO reverse card.

There was also that time he was  booted off Facebook for a week after touting anti-parasitic drug ivermectin as a legitimate treatment for COVID-19, as well as hydroxychloroquine. Or when he called Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant a ‘demonic vax-cultist‘.

And who could forget his role at the recent anti-vax rallies, where he was a key speaker and said we are living in a “prison camp”. Truly embarrassing, with extreme bent spoon energy. There has never been a more deserving title.