Content Warning: This story contains and discusses anti-Semitic and neo-nazi symbols. Some readers may find this content distressing.

In news that might make you want to jump back into bed and forget today exists, celebrity chef Pete Evans is now sharing neo-nazi content on his Facebook page.

“An oldie but a Goldie. There are many different interpretations of this image. Peace and love to all always,” Evans captioned the meme, which quite literally depicts the neo-nazi Black Sun symbol.

pete evans neo-nazi

In less than 12 hours, the post has already amassed over 600 comments and 161 shares, with countless people calling him out for the insensitive meme.

One user in the comments pointed out that the butterfly is wearing the Black Sun symbol, which was recently used in the manifesto of the Christchurch shooter.

“I was waiting for someone to see that,” Evans replied to the Black Sun comment.

The Black Sun was developed by Heinrich Himmler, who was quite literally one of the most powerful men in Nazi Germany, playing an instrumental role in the Holocaust.

More recently, the symbol has been picked up by alt-right neo-nazi groups, so it’s not something to be used lightly in a Facebook meme.

Obviously, it’s worth noting that the meme, which depicts a MAGA hat-wearing caterpillar and a Black Sun butterfly, could be Evans’ weird way of denouncing and criticising Trump supporters. Pedestrian.TV is not asserting that Evans is a neo-nazi.

However, it seems unlikely that Evans would denounce Trump supporters, as he has been vocal in his support of Trump and has been spotted wearing MAGA merch on multiple occasions in the lead up to the 2020 Presidential Election.

The post is still live on Facebook at the time of publishing, despite countless people taking to social media to call him out for the meme.

Pedestrian.TV has reached out to Pete Evans for comment.