Pete Evans (And His Horses) Claimed He Had To Google What A Neo-Nazi Was In A Cursed New Video

After being dropped by his publisher, losing a spot on a reality TV show, and being disendorsed by countless shops and brands, celebrity chef turned conspiracy theorist Pete Evans has decided to post his way out of the chaos.

After sharing a cartoon featuring a literal Nazi symbol on Facebook and then making provocative comments like “I was waiting for someone to see that”, Evans has now uploaded a video to Instagram saying that he’s not in fact a racist/neo-Nazi/whatever. His horses also make a cameo.

The wildest bit: Pete Evans claimed that he “had to Google what neo-Nazi meant”. Okay.

“Well, just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get anymore bizarre, the mainstream media have come out and labelled me a racist and a neo-Nazi,” he said.

“I just want to tell you this once, and one time only: it is completely untrue and unfactual [sic] and a load of garbage.

“Anybody that knows me knows I stand for long term sustainable health for all of humanity.”

While saying all of this, Evans was getting a good old lick on the face from his horsies, which would be cute if he were a horse girl and not a conspiracy theorist who posts hate symbols on social media.

Then he was back at it with bloody peace signs, which – deliberately or otherwise – sanitise the severity of the Sonnenrad he posted.

To top off the sheer cursedness of the whole thing, Evans spend the whole video staring into the camera and spoke in a weirdly soothing-yet-tense tone.

The man apparently can’t switch of his MKR judge voice, and now it sounds as if he’s trying to hypnotise the sun into going paleo.

The one good thing is that he’s traded his MAGA cap for a more wholesome, dad-joke hat.

Anyway, the main takeaway here is now that shops like Dymocks, Big W, House and David Jones will stop stocking his cook books ahead of Christmas, Pete Evans is sorry, you guys.

Let’s hope we stop seeing Nazi symbols (and conspiracy theories too, while we’re at it) on our feeds in future.