Conspiracy theorists? In my parliament? It’s more likely than you think.

We regret to inform you that celebrity chef Pete Evans – who marked his metamorphosis into an outright conspiracy theorist by posting Nazi memes – and former Liberal MP Craig Kelly – who quit the party because he’s so hell-bent promoting unproven and potentially-dangerous coronavirus treatments like hydroxychloroquine when we literally have multiple vaccines – were papped mingling inside Parliament House.

Just what on Earth these two are getting up to isn’t yet clear, but the answer can only be chaos of the worst kind.

What we do know is that Evans is prepping for a Senate run under the Great Australian Party banner. Kelly himself isn’t affiliated with the party, but as a newly unshackled crossbencher it’s not hard to see why they’re drawn to one another.

Perhaps the two men met in Parliament House to discuss unproven or pseudoscientific COVID-19 treatments. Perhaps they wanted to pretend they were being silenced despite having massive platforms and dedicated followings. Perhaps, just perhaps, they confided in one another about their addiction to posting the most cooked shit at all hours of the day.

Let’s just say we wouldn’t be surprised to see their names crop up side-by-side sometime in the near future.

After all, this isn’t even the first time these two have got up to no good together. Back in February, Evans actually interviewed Kelly for an hour on his podcast in what was apparently more than just a frivolous clout cross-pollination exercise.

By now, the Venn diagram of Craig Kelly fans and Pete Evans has more or less become a circle.

This shit’s as fucked as it is cursed. Nobody asked Evans to rear his BioCharged head in the public sphere again. Nobody wants to see Kelly beyond the next election.

Let this photos serve as an omen for all of us, then.

Image: Twitter / @livcaisley