Well, hooley dooley, a deleted scene from I’m A Celeb has leaked, showing celebrity chef Colin Fassnidge discussing his fellow former My Kitchen Rules judge and full-time conspiracy theorist Pete Evans.

Fassnidge replaced Evans on the reality TV show after Evans shared a neo-Nazi symbol on his social media last year, resulting in a slew of major brands officially cutting ties with him.

In deleted scenes obtained by news.com.au, Fassnidge tells the camera that he had a dream about Evans, prompting him to tell his fellow campmates about it.

“[He was] a colleague of mine for nine years, who’s gotten into a lot of trouble lately because of his views,” Fassnidge said in his confessional.

“I do not agree with any of the views, do not agree with any of the views,” he said.

Speaking to Abbie Chatfield and Grant Denyer, Fassnidge said he hasn’t spoken to Evans “since he got in trouble.”

“I don’t agree with what he says but I worked with the guy for nine years,” he said.

Fassnidge was then asked if Evans had always been “alternative.”

“Yeah, but not as out there,” Fassnidge replied. “He’s off the leash now.”

The chef added that when they filmed My Kitchen Rules together, Evans would often discuss Donald Trump off-set, “long before Trump was gone.”

“He was always pro-Trump. Me and Manu (Feildel) would be like, ‘What?’ And then you’re just like, don’t get into an argument. It’s not worth it because he can go for hours.”

Fassnidge defended Evans from the media backlash though, describing it as “non-stop every day.”

“He courts it, but,” Denyer said.

Back in the confessional, Fassnidge seemed to talk about Evans’ decision to share a neo-Nazi symbol on his social media pages.

“There’s jokes and there’s jokes and there’s clever and there’s clever, you’ve overstepped the boundary on that one. There’s some things you just don’t do,” he said.

Why Channel 10 decided to leave this particular scene on the cutting room floor is anyone’s guess. Maybe the team just didn’t want to remind people that they almost allowed Evans, who once promoted a $15,000 BioCharger as treatment for COVID-19, on national TV.

You can watch the deleted scene, via news.com.au, right HERE.

I’m A Celeb continues Sunday, 7.30pm on Channel 10.