Pete Evans’ Podcast Has Finally Been Axed From Spotify For Spreading COVID-19 Misinformation

pete evans spotify

In news that *probably* should’ve happened months ago, Spotify has finally removed Pete Evans’ podcast for peddling false claims about COVID-19.

Evans, who has dived so far off the deep end at this point he’s in the bloody Mariana’s Trench, took to Instagram to announce the news today, continuing on his beat of spreading absolute nonsense.

Looks like my podcast channel has been removed from this company. Could it have something to do with the many brave doctors and scientists that we interview, that are warning people about these poisons that’s disguised as medicine?” He wrote.

Honestly, I’m surprised Evans was actually able to post on Instagram about the news, considering Facebook (which wholly owns Instagram) has already banned him from posting on the site. But alas, Instagram is one of the last remaining places Pete Evans has to spread his anti-vax/anti-COVID/anti-5G bullshit.

The news comes after all major brands including – but not limited to – David Jones, Dymocks, Pan Macmillan, HOUSE and Woolworths cut ties with the controversial chef after he posted straight-up Neo-Nazi content on Facebook.

Interestingly, his podcast didn’t face any major consequences following the neo-Nazi post, but Spotify has promptly moved to delete the show after he shared misleading health information.

For good reason, Spotify bans any content that promotes “dangerous false, deceptive or misleading content about COVID-19 that may cause offline harm and/or pose a direct threat to public health.”

“When content that violates this standard is identified it is removed from the platform,” Spotify said in a statement, according to The Guardian.

As it currently stands, the podcast is still available on other platforms. But if you’re in the market for information regarding COVID-19, you are quite literally better off listening to a blender than Pete Evans.