It’s a normal day today. Nothing out of the ordinary about. Just a regular Tuesday morning where nothing unusual happens. I mean, sure. ThereĀ areĀ two deer just wandering freely around the streets of Leichhardt in inner west Sydney right now. I’ll concede that. There are deer on the streets of Leichhardt, chucking a walk. I cannot stress that enough. Deer in Leichhardt, on the footpath, having a stroll. But beyond that, it’s a totally normal day.

The two deer were spotted on CCTV quite politely ambling down a footpath on Coleridge St at around 7am this morning. ABC Sydney have ever-so-kindly posted the footage to Instagram, and there can be no mistake about it: It do be deer, and that do by Sydney.

I cannot tell you why the deer were loose. I cannot tell you where the deer came from. I cannot even begin to speculate where someone may keep deer in the vague area around Coleridge St.

Look at the map, for crying out loud.

Are there secret deer at Whites Creek Stables? Is that a thing they keep in a stables? Are there deer roaming freely around Pioneers Memorial Park but ordinarily they know to stay within the boundaries? Do a pair of deer serve you food at The Cupcake Room and they’re just on smoko this morning or something? DOES A DEER TEACH MODERN CONTEMPORARY AT “DANCE @ NIKKI WEBSTER”???

This isn’t even the first loose animal escapade to befall the city of Sydney this year. Famously, three baboons escaped containment at RPA in January and roamed the streets of Camperdown before being recaptured.

While this deer-related incident doesn’t come close to the dizzying heights of a full-blown Ape Escape, it’s certainly not high on the list of things you’d expect to see on a casual Tuesday.

Again, normal day. Totally normal day with nothing unusual happening.

Image: Twitter / MylesWalk