Folks. This is not a drill. This is not some boring, Australiana fauna jumping across the Harbour Bridge casually. This is like, the real shit. Baboons. In Sydney City. Running around freely.

Police have been called to the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney’s inner west, after baboons – BABOONS – were spotted on the loose.

“My daughter is an occupational therapist at RPA and she said “yes mum I just helped wrangle them,” a woman told 2GB this afternoon.

The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting the little guys escaped the RPA and University of Sydney, and that a source who has direct knowledge said the animals were living in a low-security building, but secretively. SECRETIVELY, you guys.

The SMH is also reporting they had been used for studies, including studies on diet, exercise and electrocution. This news of baboons being used for secretive experiments is not new, but I certainly had NFI it was going on. Still, SMH reported on it four years ago:

There are plenty of videos of the baboons and their bid for freedom.

A Greens spokesman has welcomed the free baboons.

You know what? I welcome them too.