The Sydney Baboon Escape Finally Pushed Everyone Over The Edge And These Reactions Are Proof

It brings me no joy to report the three baboons which broke free at Sydney’s Royal Prince Alfred Hospital last night have been captured, bringing an urban primate adventure to an unceremonious end.

However, the great ape escape of 2020 will live in the hearts of Sydneysiders for years, as evidenced by the torrent of social media commentary dedicated to the nation’s favourite escapees.

In case you missed it, it one male baboon and two female counterparts are believed to have escaped a transportation crate at the hospital before roaming to the Queen Elizabeth II carpark, where they were successfully corralled by police and retrieved by Taronga Zoo staff.

The male baboon was reportedly scheduled to undergo a vasectomy to curtail excess breeding among a colony of baboons kept in Wallacia for medical research purposes. The two female baboons were there “Just to keep him calm,” NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard told the Sydney Morning Herald. 

The baboons made a lifelong impression on those they encountered, though. The Daily Telegraph reports the threesome actually wandered past the The Professor Marie Bashir Centre for mental health, where patients “crowded by the windows and were seen laughing and high-fiving as the baboons escaped.”

Further afield, the city imagined a life shared with baboons, a tantalising reality cut short by the work of well-meaning police and zoo staff.

NSW Greens Senator and the party’s animal welfare spokesperson Mehreen Faruqi also issued her edict on the situation:

We will keep you posted on if, and hopefully when, another batch of apes escape.