Man Finds Giant Paw Print In The Blue Mountains, So I Guess The Lithgow Panther Exists

lithgow panther print

Four mysterious paw prints have been found on a dirt track in the Blue Mountains, and I’m 100% sure it’s the goddamn Lithgow Panther.

As a serious cryptozoology nerd, I am obsessed with the *very real* Lithgow panther. So naturally, I lost my fucking mind today when proof* was discovered in the Blue Mountains.

The four hand-sized paw prints were found on on a trail in Leura in the Blue Mountains on Sunday.

Local resident Kobe Bryant found the mysterious prints while running through the secluded track. Using his quick thinking, he took extensive video and photo evidence to prove the sheer size of the prints.

He took to his Instagram page @bluemtns_explore to share the find, asserting that the Hunting Association of Australia confirmed that the prints were that of a “sizeable cat.”

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Yesterday a few of the #lostmtns team headed out (into the middle of nowhere) and found this. Wanting to have a some confirmation before we posted this, we contacted the ‘Hunting Association of Australia’ and sent through all footage and pictures. . . They confirmed it was a sizable cat print. Of course everyone will have there opinion, however consider this. It had been raining non stop until yesterday. . . All tracks had been washed out by the rain, so the tracks were all soft and fresh. We were also in the middle of no where (so no humans had been there, no tracks, nothing). Even if it wasn’t a cat, these prints show something large is running around. This continues to fuel our ambition to find whatever is out there ???? #bluemountains

A post shared by Blue Mountains / Australia (@bluemtns_explore) on Feb 15, 2020 at 12:46pm PST

By “sizeable cat,” I can only assume they mean the fucking LITHGOW PANTHER.

This is proof. Evidence. Fact! SCIENCE!

Many commented that this was likely a kangaroo or wallaby print, but I’m not here for that negativity. This is absolutely the work of the mysterious Lithgow panther.

Bryant was quick to rule out the possibility of the prints being from a dog, due to the fact that they aren’t allowed in national parks.

Despite speculation that it could be a wallaby, when Bryant showed the prints to an expert, they confirmed it looked to be from a cat.

“We showed him what we found and the length between the strides. We said that some people thought it was a wallaby and he said it definitely was not,” Mr Bryant told Daily Mail. “He said that it was a big cat. The prints had no bottom pad mark, and the reason is that it was obviously chasing after something.”

Although it has never been confirmed, there have been thousands of alleged sightings of large cats in the Blue Mountains area. Heck, we’ve even covered one man’s story on Pedestrian.TV’s All Aussie Mystery Hour podcast.

*I’m not saying this is definitive proof that the Lithgow panther exists, but if I were you, I’d be particularly careful when walking through the Blue Mountains/Hawkesburg/Jenolan Caves/Lithgow area.