#DearScotty Video Has Celebs Telling Morrison To Get Fucking Cracking On Climate Change

Aussie celebs are adding their voice to growing calls for Scott Morrison to act on climate change.

Environmental organisation Greenpeace launched #DearScotty campaign this week, with celebs like Julia Stone, Simon Baker, Fitzy and AFL player Dyson Heppel appearing alongside people affected by the bushfires, calling on Morrison to cut carbon pollution and transition Australia to renewable energies.

The messages relayed in the video address Scott Morrison personally:

“What kind of world do you want your daughters to grow up in?”

“How will history remember you? As someone who burnt with the world? Or someone who helped save it?”

You wouldn’t want this for your family.”

In the past six months, Australia has lost 17 million hectares to bushfires and it’s estimated that over 1 billion animals were killed. More than 2,000 properties were destroyed and 33 people were killed. After a devastating summer, it’s becoming clear Australia can no longer afford to do the bare minimum when it comes to climate change.

You can contribute your message to ScoMo too, at dearscotty.com