Scott Morrison’s International Reputation Is Getting Flo Rida Low, And These Graphs Prove It

scott morrison international media climate policy

Have you ever wondered what the people who aren’t Australians think of Scott Morrison and his climate ‘policies’? Well, wonder no longer, because we now have a handy bunch of graphs that reveal how the international stage views our bumbling Prime Minister.

Intelligence group Meltwater Australia has done a handy analysis of 1000 print publications across the world, putting a digital magnifying glass on how a bunch of media companies worldwide have spoken about Morrison and his climate inaction.

It’s pretty safe to say that our climate policy is rather lacking in both policy and climate concern, but it seems our international friends are just as aware of our Prime Minister’s failings as we are.

Here’s a graph that showcases the number of positive and negative articles written about us over the course of a year.

scott morrison international graph
Source: Meltwater, Obtained by Yahoo!

Notice how things started to go awry when Morrison was talking about not attending the Glasgow COP26 Climate Summit in late September, and then announced his rather confusing climate policy in October after a bit of fkn chaos from members of his Coalition, who were mostly against it in the first place.

While the graph doesn’t necessarily echo the global opinion on Morrison, it sure does give an insight into how the media is portraying him, with around 1k negative takes on the man and his policies in late October.

The July spike in positive reactions came after Japan made announcements around its 2030 ‘Beyond-Zero’ carbon emissions targets, and seeing as Australia is a major supplier of gas and coal to Japan, it was expected that we too would be making positive changes. It’s nice to dream.

This next graph shows how the media coverage of Scott Morrison changed before and after the announcement of his climate ‘policy’.

Coverage suddenly became 21% negative, whereas the domestic news outlets were only 14% negative. I wonder why that is…

scott morrison international graph
Source: Meltwater, Obtained by Yahoo!

So there you have it folks, a lovely look at how Scott Morrison is being perceived by international publications.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to return to being a part of the 14% negative sentiments about Morrison’s ridiculous climate strategy.