Scott Morrison Gassed Up Our Coal Mines While Announcing A Climate Summit To World Leaders

scott morrison really good at digging stuff up

Prime Minister and human coal flogger, Scott Morrison, told world leaders that Australia was “really good at digging stuff up” while announcing the country will host a revolutionary climate summit next year, per The Guardian.

On Friday, Morrison met with other members of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, President of the United States Joe Biden, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Sega, and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

They discussed a range of topics from China’s increasing military and political presence in the Indo-Pacific region to vaccine distribution in disadvantaged parts of the region. While there, Morrison said that Australia will hold a climate summit in 2022 that will act as a roadmap to new clean energy technologies for countries in the Indo-Pacific region, which is where he made the bonkers claim.

“We are really good at digging stuff up in Australia and making sure it can fuel the rest of the world when it comes to the new energy economy,” Morrison said, seemingly forgetting the disastrous effects “digging stuff up” has on the environment.

Aren’t you embarrassed? This is embarassing.

“[This “applied summit”] is about pulling together a very clear work program as to how clean energy supply chains can be built up,” he continued.

Ironically, despite announcing this, Australia has yet to officially confirm a net-zero emissions goal, unlike the rest of the world. It’s a decision that Morrison doubled down on in a video message to the UN General Assembly last night, too.

“We are committed to achieving net-zero emissions,” he said before derailing.

“We know the world is transitioning to a new energy economy. It’s no longer about if or even when for that matter. It’s about how.”

Instead, the federal government will allegedly focus on supporting nearby developing nations achieve net-zero emissions with Australian technology.

“We know that if we can support developing economies to embrace and use the technologies that achieve net-zero emissions, and see their economies grow and increase their jobs, that is not only wonderful for those economies and their peoples, but it also is good for Australia,” he said.

“We will apply them in our region as we continue to work with our Southeast Asian partners and to assist them to make their energy transitions successfully through finance, through trade and capability building.”

Earlier on his trip, the US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi bizarrely confused jokes with facts and praised Australia for “leading the way” on climate. Yesterday, treasurer Josh Frydenberg said in a media conference that businesses should prepare for ~something~ and cannot operate under the false pretences that there won’t be a climate change plan.