Oh My Word: A Cheering Crowd Fell Onto Concrete After A Railing Gave Way At A Sydney Rugby Game

leichhardt oval

Dozens of spectators at a Sydney rugby game fell the ground yesterday after a barricade collapsed. The footage is a lot.

The crowd was watching a game between St Ignatius and St Josephs at Leichhardt Oval when the incident happened. Moments after St Josephs scored, the audience can be seen cheering before the railing gives way and dozens of spectators fall to the ground. Onto a concrete path.

The part of the crowd is elevated from the ground in an upper-level standing area, with some dropping face-first onto the cement. Paramedics treated people at the scene, and luckily no one was seriously hurt. It’s quite shocking to watch — Ryan “Fitzy” Fitzgerald posted the scene to his Twitter:

Joe Hockey was closeby to the accident at Leichhardt Oval when it unfolded and was appalled by the lack of safety. “It is inconceivable that in Australia in 2022 spectator safety could be subject to such risk and negligence. We can do better,” he tweeted.

It was literally just days ago that NSW government was criticised for backing out of the $200 million deal which would’ve meant that Leichhardt Oval and its facilities were upgraded. How is the timing.

7News reported that before the accident happened, Leichhardt Oval’s facilities were called “third world” and “bordering on dangerous” by West Tigers chair Lee Hagipantelis. He also said that Premier Dominic Perrottet had been to Leichhardt Oval numerous times before and was across the conditions there.


Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne said that the safety risks around yesterday’s events will be investigated. He also suggested that if the premier isn’t going to support the Leichhardt Oval venue, then he should be handing in his West Tigers membership.

I hope everyone is okay. While I know there’s no serious injuries, there’s no doubt that would have been a traumatic experience for all involved.