Yet Another Deer Was Spotted Wandering The Streets Of Sydney & Where TF Are They Coming From

Deer are on track to become the new ibis as yet ANOTHER one has been spotted prancing around the streets of Sydney this morning. Can someone tell me where the fuck they are coming from?

This deer was clearly on a mission as it was spotted in several locations including strolling the breakdown lane of the fucking ANZAC Bridge, Pyrmont, Chippendale, Redfern and even crossing Harris Street near Broadway Shopping Centre (no easy for a human, let alone a rogue animal).

Deer clearly agree that inner west is best, obvs.

This deer caused more of a kerfuffle than its friends in Leichardt last week as some Sydney trains were delayed up to 15 mins due to it hanging out in the railway corridor at Central Station.

Thankfully a spokesperson from Sydney trains told the Sydney Morning Herald said the deer was unharmed and   “left the rail corridor on his own”.

Even the popo had to get involved, tweeting a warning for those driving into the city today to be extra careful on the roads, and that the RSPCA is on the case.

The origins of the deer remain a complete mystery, and it’s not known if this deer was linked to last week’s spotting.

Leichhardt Acting Inspector David Westgarth said on the matter “It’s a bit of a stretch for them to get all the way here from a national park. So we’re not really sure what happened.”

As one of the Leichardt deer wasn’t caught, it is a possibility it is the same one.

I think it’s time Gladys address’ the wild animal conundrum in Sydney in a press conference, she’s not too busy, right?