Abbie Chatfield Has Announced She’s Pulling The Plug On Her Popular Radio Show As Of Right Now

Reality TV contestant turned Aussie media superstar Abbie Chatfield has made a shocking career announcement and it’s honestly made me love her even more!

On Thursday arvo, the FBoy Island host announced on Instagram that she will be leaving radio IMMEDIATELY. In case you didn’t know, the former Bachie contestant began her career in radio presenting in 2022 with her Hit Network show Hot Nights with Abbie Chatfield.

“SO I QUIT RADIO! Lol decided a little last minute after my break. My finale show is tonight!!!!” Abbie’s IG caption reads.

In the video, the former host explained that she decided to announce the news via an IG video so it wouldn’t be a “dramatic post”.

“I just wanted to show that it was entirely my decision, and I want to leave, and I’m so happy that I have made the decision,” she said.

“I’ve been thinking about it pretty much all year, to be honest, and I finally, after two months off, that wasn’t pre-planned. It was because of scheduling and things like that … but those two months off, I realised what I wanted to prioritise.”

(Image Source: Instagram / @abbiechatfield)

Abbie went on to reveal that she wanted to focus on the other aspects of her media career, like television, podcasting and touring. She also admitted to missing her social life and seeing her friends.

“I just wasn’t getting joy from that environment anymore. It was really taxing on me, and I think that it made my performance in other areas go down as well. Doing a daily show where you’re mining your life for content was really difficult for me when I already have so many outlets such as socials and podcasting,” she continued.

Abbie also said that radio didn’t allow her to connect with her audience in the way she wanted to. Towards the end of the video, the media star confirmed that the It’s A Lot podcast will continue, as well as Fridayz Live and Australian Made — a segment that was created by Abbie to spotlight Aussie Musos.

“I just think there’s a lot of power in quitting and I’m not very good at letting things go, but I’ve tried to get better at it, and this is something I’m really … I’m ready to let go, ” she said.

Southern Cross Austereo (ACS) chief content officer Dave Cameron said, per Media Week, “For personal reasons, Abbie Chatfield has made the decision to step away from Hot Nights, her national radio show on the Hit Network. Abbie’s last show will be today .”

He also confirmed that Abbie will be around for her “extraordinarily successful podcast”.

“We are pleased to say that Abbie will remain with SCA, and we look forward to continuing to support the ongoing growth of her extraordinarily successful podcast, It’s a Lot with Abbie Chatfield, published on LiSTNR,” he continued.

Abbie’s announcement comes weeks after she shut down rumours that suggested she quit her podcasting gig.

“The podcast is enjoyable for me. It’s also, to be blunt, making more money than ever. It’s the reason why I can do sold-out tours, and add extra shows. It’s the reason I got my radio gig, it’s the reason I got FBOY Island, I think,” she mentioned in a plethora of IG stories when the rumours were at its peak.

(Image source: Instagram / @abbiechatfield)

You know what? Fucking KUDOS to Abbie.

As Beyoncé sang in her world-stopping single “BREAK MY SOUL”: “I just quit my job. I’m gonna find new drive. Damn, they work me so damn hard.”

Although I absolutely frothed Hot Nights with Abbie, I’m glad she decided to take a step back and focus on the things she truly loves.

I’ll forever remember that fucked wedding story where the man asked for a divorce less than 24 hours from the ceremony ‘cos his misses didn’t want to smash.

Keen to see what’s next for the Aussie media superstar.