Brooke Blurton Says She’s ‘Still Friends’ With Abbie Chatfield, Despite The Wafts Of Beef

Brooke Blurton has confirmed that she and Abbie Chatfield are “still friends” after Chatfield debuted her relo with former Bachelorette fave Konrad Bien-Stephens.

Blurton – who picked Darvid Garayeli as her ~chosen one ~ in Thursday’s season finale – told PEDESTRIAN.TV when asked about Abbie: “We’re still friends.

“A lot of people have obviously speculated and tried to create this conflict.”

Chatfield made an appearance in the finale to interrogate Blurton’s her final two, which also included Jamie-Lee Dayz.

Though earlier today, Blurton did admit to KIIS FM radio hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O’ Henderson that the spoilers around Chatfield and Bien-Stephens’ relationship (AKA Konrabbie) had “[tainted] the show a bit.”

As I’m sure you remember,  a vid emerged of Bien-Stephens pashing Chatfield in Byron Bay earlier this month, which is how all good Australian romances start. The only problem was, he was still a contestant on The Bachelorette at the time, which kind of spoiled the fact he was about to get booted.

Brooke Blurton told Kyle and Jackie O that she’d spoken to the pair about about it, though she stayed mum on the fact that she’s unfollowed Chatfield on Instagram.

“We knew they were together and it was a night out. They slipped up. It was wrong place, wrong time, but we had a chat and it’s all good.”

In her convo with PEDESTRIAN.TV, Blurton confirmed that she’s “really happy for [Abbie] and Konrad.”

“I gave them a message to say like, I’m happy for them and wish them all the best.”

In fact, Blurton said that they were “lucky to have three iconic relationships come out of this season.”

In case you missed it, third runner up Holly Langford has announced she’s dating fellow contestant Millie Rocha, which is still incredibly wholesome to me.

“We’re stoked,” Blurton said.

“Darvid was quite close with Hol in the house, and Holly and I’s last conversation in the season was obviously a really difficult one, but it doesn’t mean I don’t wish both of them the best happiness in the world.”

Part of the reason she and Langford ended things on the show was because of the latter’s reluctance to move to Perth.

However, the happy Bachie couple told us they were still considering their options for the future, though Garayli revealed that he was moving to Melbourne, where Blurton is currently based.

“Obviously the talk of the season is that I’ll always go back to WA,” Brooke Blurton said.

“WA is home, and Brissy’s home for Darvid. If we end up in either of them, or somewhere else, it doesn’t really matter.”

Anyway, they two are clearly disgustingly in love, which is obvi the end goal of any dating show. Long live Brookvid!