Bachie Royalty Abbie Chatfield & Konrad Were Spotted Pashing So Who’s Checking His Star Sign?

Konrad Abbie

In absolutely devastating news for fans of a ~certain~ adorable tradie, Bachelor royalty Abbie Chatfield has been spotted pashing… Konrad Bien-Stephens, from this season of the Bachelorette. Brb crying, screaming, throwing up.

Konrad, who is the fan favourite in Brooke Blurton‘s season of the Bachelorette, and also the love of my life, is apparently now in cahoots with Abbie Chatfield.

Footage posted by the Daily Mail shows the two having a good ol’ time at a bar in Byron Bay, before Konrad leans in and kisses Abbie. Who, after a stunned moment (same), throws her arms around him and leans into the kiss. Ugh, how does it feel to be living MY dream???

There’s plenty of photos from that moment and after where the two are seen touching, being close, etc. Basically being cute as fuck, much to my chagrin.

I gotta hand it to Abbie though — she’s been talking about being obsessed with Konrad on her It’s A Lot podcast since the Bachelorette started, so this is seriously a ~moment~. I’m jealous, but also in awe of that manifestation.

Abbie has actually been talking about pashing and going on a date with a mystery man in her Instagram stories, who we know nothing about except that he’s a gemini… could it be Konrad?? Someone do his birth chart, stat.

The bad news, aside from the fact that it’s not me pashing Konrad in a bar in Byron Bay (what a vibe), is that this means he’s probably not the one that wins Brooke’s heart, and certainly isn’t currently with her. So now I am doubly devastated.

Though, it seems like regardless of Konrad, Brooke is happy — there’s been recent sightings of her apparently moving in with a contestant.

Look, if Konrad is happy, so I am I. Kind of. I’m trying, anyway.