Last night’s The Bachelorette 2021 finale may have ended on a high for Brooke Blurton and Darvid Garayeli, but for runner-up Jamie-Lee Dayz, it was a v. sad conclusion to her love story.

Speaking to PEDESTRIAN.TV this morning, Jamie-Lee said that although she and Brooke will always have “a mutual respect” for one another, she said “I don’t see us having a super close friendship anymore” and please excuse me while I cry into my pillow.

“That’s unfortunate, but it’s the way that these things go,” she said. “I’m so supportive of her and Darv, and I’m so happy for them.”

She went on to reveal that she’s been in contact with both Brooke and Darvid since the show wrapped and everything’s all g between them.

Jamie-Lee also gushed about Brooke and Darvid as a pair, describing them as “such an incredible couple” with a “strong connection.”

“I don’t think that we’re ever going to be like crazy best friends or anything, but there’s always that mutual respect between us which I’m so thankful for,” she added.

“A lot of breakups don’t have that, and it just speaks so much to who we are as friends and as people.”

Jamie-Lee also told me that although she hadn’t “mentally prepared” for either outcome: winning or losing, she still has no regrets about how things went.

“I was so vulnerable and authentically me throughout this whole thing, I wouldn’t have done anything differently,” she said.

“I don’t regret a thing. I’m so proud of myself for putting myself out there and although it didn’t end the way I wanted it to, this is how it was supposed to end.”

I concluded our chat by asking her the golden question: Would she ever want to be the Bachelorette or a Bachelor In Paradise contestant?

“Look, I really don’t know. I never want to say no to an opportunity, especially an opportunity at finding love,” she said honestly.

“I’m single and I’m ready to kind of start looking for my forever person. I’m not sure how that happens and I’m just hoping it happens organically and I’m open to whatever the future may hold.”

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