In some spicy news for your Monday, it appears one of Brooke Blurton‘s co-stars from Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins‘ stint on the show has been cast on her 2021 season of The Bachelorette. INTERESTING.

Brooke is the first openly bisexual Bachelorette of the show, meaning Channel 10 has cast girls, guys, and theys on her season. Sneaky set pics revealed this year’s contestants, which you can suss out right HERE.

One of those contestants is Jamie-Lee Dayz, who was one of the intruders on the Honey Badger’s season of The Bachelor in 2018.

Her Instagram is on private, by the way, but she does have two rose emojis in her bio. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

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Network 10.

Last week, the Daily Mail also published pics from the set of the reality TV show, and lo and behold Jamie was pictured holding hands with Brooke. So we know she’s definitely on the show.

In the season 2 premiere of the So Dramatic! podcast, host Megan Pustetto said a former Bachie contestant slid into her DMs with goss about Jamie and Brooke.

The anonymous Bachie contestant claimed Jamie and Brooke “had chemistry in the mansion” during the Honey Badger’s season.

Another anonymous former Bachie contestant said that while Jamie and Brooke never hooked up in the Bachie mansion, they did have chemistry.

“They didn’t hook up in the mansion, but they were definitely attracted to each other and they had a close friendship after the show,” the source told So Dramatic!

The first source claimed that Jamie was heaps keen to apply for Brooke’s season of The Bachelorette after she broke up with her girlfriend.

~ Sources aside ~, Jamie definitely has an advantage going into the mansion because she already knows Brooke.

As So Dramatic! pointed out, the pair faced rumours about their relationship back in 2018. At the time, Jamie denied they were a thing and said the rumours were really disappointing to see.

“Just because there are two bisexual girls in one room doesn’t mean that they’re automatically dating. It’s a shame to see that as a society that’s the outcome we come to, just because there’s two people who have similarities. It kind of sucks,” Jamie told Mamamia at the time.

“It’s definitely not true. I have a lot of love for Brooke and she’s a such a legend but we’re definitely just friends.”

While we’ll have to wait a little longer for Brooke’s season of The Bachelorette to premiere, Jimmy Nicholson‘s season of The Bachelor kicks off Wednesday, 21 July on Channel 10.

Image: Network 10