A Footy Player Reckons Brooke Left Him For Bachie But She’s Pretty Sure They Were Just Mates

Brooke Blurton looking annoyed, with the caption "oh fucks sake". This is regarding claims by Jed Bews that the two were together.

It’s sad boi hours for AFL player Jed Bews, who is apparently “heartbroken” by Brooke Blurton’s appearance as this year’s Bachelorette.

According to the Daily Mail Australia, a source close to Bews says he believed the pair were dating. This anonymous tea-spiller also claimed that Blurton had moved from WA to Melbourne to be with him, which feels like a slight stretch, tbh.

In a slight awkward turtle moment, though, Blurton has always publicly claimed the pair were “really good friends”.

“I love footy and I’m loving that I get to experience it. My cousin is Quinton Narkle, he’s originally from Perth,” she told the Herald Sun back in May.

“You be photographed with a footballer or with any girl, like I was with (singer) G Flip, and people want to assume you’re automatically linked. But I’m not dating.”

To be fair, one of the pieces of proof cited by the Mail is that Blurton posted a picture with Bews’ dog. This fails to take into consideration the fact that maybe the dog is just really cute? In this modern world, who hasn’t strategically befriended people with cute dogs and used them for Insta clout?

So the question remains: a classic case of modern dating miscommunication, or something more?

The Mails source spilled that apparently, “Brooke denied to Jed right up until filming that she was in negotiations with Warner Bros. to be the next Bachelorette.”

And, in what is frankly kind of a flex, she also allegedly suggested Bews enter the show as a contestant.

In perhaps the most down-bad sentence ever written, the source claims Bews has been telling his friends “he doesn’t understand why she needed three shows to find love when she’d already found a good relationship with him.”

Oof. Never thought my heart would be breaking for an unlucky-in-love AFL player, but here we are.

Currently, Blurton has three contestants vying for her heart – Jamie-Lee Dayz, Darvid Garayeli and Holly Langford – before The Bachelorette’s grand final on November 25.

Alas, Jed Bews. It may be time to re-download Hinge.