OOFT: Bachelorette Star Holly Langford Said She Was Totally Blindsided By The Perth Debacle

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Last night’s episode of The Bachelorette 2021 posed the age-old question, not just for Bachie hopefuls, but for relationships in general: Would you relocate for love?

As it turned out, the answer was ‘no’ for Holly Langford, and she ended up yeeting herself out of the mansion upon learning that Brooke Blurton would want her winner to move to Perth.

This morning, I got on the horn to Holly to discuss her decision to quit the show and she told me that the fact that moving to Perth was a dealbreaker for Brooke was a complete and total “curveball.”

“It’s not something we’d spoken about ’til hometown [visits], we very much discussed Sydney and Melbourne as potential home bases. So yeah, it was definitely new news, but I’m glad it came out when it did.”

She added that “in a relationship when you love someone, you grow and you change and you compromise, and with Brooke, I wasn’t quite there yet. And I felt like I would be dishonest if I said there’s a 100 per cent chance of me changing my mind.

“I had to say what I thought at the time and that was that I’m not sure if I would move to WA.”

Holly went on to say that she was glad there was no rose ceremony in the end as the way it ended up going felt like a natural conclusion to their story.

“I think that it was the best possible ending, I feel like going into a rose ceremony… we knew what the outcome would be,” she said.

The blonde babe also revealed that she hasn’t spoken to Brooke since leaving the mansion, and although she’s “not sure” if she’ll be in contact with Brooke again, she “has nothing bad to say” about her and that if Brooke wants to be friends, she’s “all for it!”

And as for who wins the show tonight, she honestly has no idea, but she’s “happy either way”!

Jamie-Lee and Darvid were both my friends in the house, so I’m very interested to see which one ends up with Brooke, but I think I’m gonna be happy either way.”

And if she could go back, would she change anything? Hell no!

“I have no regrets, I went in just wanting to be myself and I think I’ve done that and I absolutely wouldn’t change anything for the world,” she told us.

Holly’s also super stoked to have been part of the most groundbreaking season of Bachie to date: “It makes me so proud to be able to represent part of my community. And I think this is such a wonderful, wonderful platform for representation.”

Too true!

The Bachelorette 2021 ends tonight at 7:30pm on Ten. Get caught up on the eps via 10Play.