Recent Bachelorette Reject Holly Is Dating Fellow Contestant Millie, So Love Is Real Actually

This season of The Bachelorette is shaping up to be one of the most irl romantic of all time. Between the Beca Pressing and Carissa Croft’s romance rumours (which they’ve now denied, but I still hold hope in my heart) and Konrabbie-gate, there’s now a third contender in the mix.

Drumroll please….Holly Langford, who was eliminated by Brooke Blurton on Wednesday night’s episode has now confirmed she’s in a relationship with another contestant.

Let’s be honest, we absolutely bloody love to see it!

Langford told 10play that she is now dating Millie Rubio, who exited the show just before Hometown Week.

“We started catching up as friends outside the house and a romance has formed from there,” she said.

“In this experience, it’s a roller coaster and you’re forced to make these really strong connections with people to get through… and I’m very much in love with her.”

Fuck me, that’s really sweet.

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Part of the reason Langford and Blurton ended things on the show was because Langford wasn’t keen on moving to WA.

Speaking to PEDESTRIAN.TV after she was eliminated, Langford said she and Blurton hadn’t really discussed the possibility of moving to Perth before the episode.

“It’s not something we’d spoken about ’til hometown [visits], we very much discussed Sydney and Melbourne as potential home bases. So yeah, it was definitely new news, but I’m glad it came out when it did.”

Both she and Rubio are NSW based and, tbf, a trip on the metro is slightly more convenient than the eight hour flight to Perth.

Anyway, who said reality TV dating shows never produced true romance?

Now it’s just fingers crossed that Brooke and her eventual winner are sipping on whatever love juice they’re clearly pumping into the water at the Bachie mansion.

The Bachelorette 2021 ends tonight at 7:30pm on Ten. Get caught up on the eps via 10Play.