It Turns Out Bachie’s Beca and Carissa Are *Not* Dating, So Someone Explain Those Fkn Pics

becca pressing clarissa croft deny dating rumours

Ex-Bachelorette contestants Beca Pressing and Carissa Croft have confirmed they *aren’t* in a relationship, after fans believed they were in love because of romantic Instagram posts.

Beca Pressing was eliminated by Brooke Blurton early into the season, and Carissa Croft left the show soon after, saying that she couldn’t fall in love under such competitive circumstances.

It was a pretty shock exit considering the sparks that flew between her and Brooke on the red carpet, but posts uploaded to Carissa and Beca’s Instagrams led fans to believe that perhaps the two had found romance with each other.

Beca shared a picture captioned “obsessed with you”, and the two have been sharing images of each other since their eliminations. The post that seemed to confirm their romance though, was this one:

“Words cannot express how much you mean to me. To think I’ve only had you in my life for 5 months is insane, because I can’t imagine it without you now. I love you to the moon and back,” Bec wrote.

Unsurprisingly, people took this as a confirmation that they’re actually a couple, and honestly, I don’t blame them. Considering they’re two women who met on the first queer Bachelorette, exited right after each other, and then holidayed at a romantic resort together — well, what’s not to believe?

But, it turns out they are not in a relationship, with Beca taking to Instagram to deny the rumours.

“I’m so sorry to disappoint you all,” she said in an Instagram post.

“At this stage, Carissa and I are just very close friends. She’s going off to work on yachts, so my previous post is a gesture of my love and appreciation for her and our friendship after saying our goodbyes.

“Timing doesn’t always work out, but you never know what the future holds and I will be forever grateful to have her in my life. See you in 3 months bb.

“I encourage everyone to openly celebrate, love and appreciate those close to them.”

Tbh it’s a really sweet way to break the news, but we’re still confused about the mixed messages. Besties or not, the posts definitely teased a relationship, and there are claims the two were seen canoodling on an island together.

More confusing still, is the post Carissa uploaded hours after Beca denied their relationship, which definitely feels romantic.

The two are spooning and holding hands, and the caption says: “Although, Brooke & I didn’t form a connection there was someone else in the house I instantly connected with [Becca].”

I’m sorry, but these posts definitely feel romantic as fuck. I love the idea of the two queer women just being so comfortable in their friendship that they can speak about each other this way, but given the wording, the actual comparison of meeting Brooke vs meeting each other, and the cuddling pics — well, the implications are there.

Look, either way, I’m happy that they’re happy. Even if I’m a little confused.