Abbie Chatfield Just Hard-Launched Konrad Bien-Stephen As Her BF & *This* Is A Power Couple

Abbie Chatfield & Konrad Bien-Stephens are officially dating in new photos of kissing and holding hands.

IT’S HAPPENING: Abbie Chatfield and Konrad Bien-Stephen are Instagram official according to the hottest boyfriend hard-launch ever. We freakin LOVE to see it.

For those of you not following Konrad’s every move like we are, the reality star was booted from Brooke Blurton‘s current season of The Bachelorette after revealing he wanted to spend time on himself, rather than commit to full-time work or a career.

The news was pretty devastating for fans since he was definitely the favourite frontrunner, but it looks like our collective (ex?) boyfriend has found love with Abbie Chatfield and they’re really bloody cute together!!!

Posting a photo dump of Konrad on Instagram, Abbie said “Me: I’ll never talk about who I’m dating publicly. This mf: ???? [man emoji].”

Behold, the most 2021 relationship hard-launch ever, and also the cutest too:

The photo dump includes a picture of Konrad standing shirtless against a wall, abs and all (thank you Abbie), a video of Abbie’s foot on Konrad’s face (no thank you Abbie), the pair holding hands, lots of shenanigans together, including administering Abbie’s eyedrops??

This is a whole new level of wholesome intimacy, making me think the two have been together longer than we initially suspected.

The first evidence of their relationship came out a couple of weeks ago when the two were spotted pashing in Byron Bay, around the same time that Abbie said she’d met someone. Hmmm.

THEN, Konrad told PEDESTRIAN.TV that the pair were definitely a thing, saying they’d met through a mutual friend up in Byron. Bless.

After that, Abbie soft-launched who we presume was Konrad in an Instagram story with his voice in the background. We’re pretty sure it was him, which is now confirmed because the two are officially Instagram official!

Look, I was initially rooting for the Brooke/Konrad pairing, but seeing him with Abbie just makes sense.

They both have similar politics and interests, they’re both goofy and looking for a good time but also down for an emotional connection. It just works!

Keen for Abbie to enter this new couple-influencer era. Bring on the Konrad content (Kontent?) ploise!