Bachie Fans Are Super Divided On Whether Konrad’s Lifestyle Was Actually Worth An Elimination

Konrad reveals he quit his job before joining The Bachelorette, prompting debate on Twitter regarding whether this was worth being eliminated or not.

Well, wasn’t that an interesting two hours of The Bachelorette. I feel like I’ve aged three thousand years because of the way my opinion on Konrad changed every 5 minutes. It seems a lot of viewers felt the same way, with Twitter being totally divided on whether or not his unemployment was actually worth an elimination. Let’s dive in, shall we?

To give you a little context, until the last single date Konrad was not only a frontrunner when it came to winning Brooke Blurton‘s heart, he was also the fan favourite. Everyone was either thirsting over him, sobbing over him, or just wishing him the best — and for good reason. He’s cute, thoughtful, a feminist king — what more could you want? And he’s a carpenter. Or, was.

Konrad introduced himself as a carpenter on the show, and even built Brooke a love seat. But it’s now been revealed that he technically isn’t a carpenter anymore because he quit his job just before the show, and he currently has no career aspirations and instead wants to spend time being free, figuring himself out, etc.

Which isn’t an issue on its own, but it immediately gave Brooke the ick, and she eventually booted him.

Those that defend Konrad reckon Brooke was unfair in not giving him a chance to figure himself out, especially considering it’s not like they’d be married. (Though, isn’t that the end goal for her?).

Others said that Konrad quitting his job is not a reflection of his morals, abilities, personality or ethics, and it shouldn’t define him or his relationship. Which is totally fair — work is a capitalist construct anyway, and it’s fine to prioritise happiness. In fact, we should be normalising happiness over career!!! We can dream of more than labour!!

BUT. Here’s the thing — Brooke has always wanted stability, and she’s been really clear about it. She spoke pretty openly in the episode about craving consistency in a partner because it was something she was denied her whole life.

And also, it’s totally fair to want a partner that financially contributes, especially when Brooke is a busy gal between her youth and ambassador work, being a personal trainer, and also being an influencer. The point is, she is making bank and it’s fine to not want a partner that you have to financially support.

And mind you, this is all before Brooke finds out that Konrad recently was crushed in a heart break and probably isn’t ready for something so serious anyway.

At the end of the day, I don’t think this is a convo about red flags, because it’s not a blanket issue. It’s about choosing what’s right for you. If Brooke was at a time in her life where she was willing to experiment, be flexible and try something new, it would be fine. But that’s obviously not what she wants.

“I know no one’s perfect, but I’m trying to find someone perfect for me,” she said tonight, and yeah, that nails it really.

Anyway, it looks like Konrad’s already reconnected with Abbie Chatfield — who honestly, is probably way more compatible on this front. Everyone wins!

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