Apparently The Shot Of The Final Two ‘Bachie’ Boys In Fiji Is A Big Fat Lie

Yesterday, New Idea shared a photograph of the final two Bachie boys, Taite Radley and Todd King, hanging out at Nadi International Airport in Fiji.

[jwplayer cYRrlbK0]

The pic fuelled speculation that the boys were over in the South Pacific to have a go at Bachelor in Paradise, like their mate Bill Goldsmith, who the Daily Mail caught in full island party attire playing footy with Nathan Favro on set.

Now, that would lead one to conclude that neither man is still with Bachelorette Ali Oetjen – whether that means the pair split up while in lockdown, she dumped both, or she was dropped by her chosen beau. WE JUST DON’T KNOW.

Someone called Marina, who took the pic on Tuesday in the Departures section of the airport, told the publication: “They were just sitting there on their phones the whole time. We thought they were waiting for their flight back to Sydney but they didn’t’ get on our plane.

But a source has since come forward to Daily Mail to put an end to the Bachie in Paradise gossip, saying the shot was a subtle piece of misdirection in a “desperate bid to boost ratings“:

Warner Bros flew both finalists to Fiji to make it look like they were both filming Bachelor In Paradise. It was an attempt to make everyone think that Ali is still single, but actually she is still with the winner and they are very much in love.

Huge if true.

Oetjen herself told Kyle and Jackie O this morning that she “definitely” does “pick someone” during the finale, but kept mum about whether or not they potentially reject her in the episode – something hinted at by previews since the very start of the season.

King and Radley have each written mushy Insta posts ahead of the finale:

The Bachie finale – airing tonight – was reportedly shot in the Northern Territory in September, because apparently Ali’s season wasn’t worth an international finale getaway.

Only six-odd more hours until we finally know the truth.