Australia Figured Out Bill & His Friend Amy Used To Bone Ages Ago, Catch Up Ali

We’re here for the start of finale week, hanging out on Twitter, playing fuck, marry, kill with the final three.

Todd and Ali went fencing and it was all very lovely and he’ll have a lovely time meeting Ali’s family tomorrow before being either rejected or picked as the back-up guy after Taite cocks it up. He even handled her pressuring him about “timelines” and the engagement that is not going to happen really well. He said he loved her and it was almost nice!

Meanwhile Taite got taken on an obstacle course, a deeply unappealing date. He was then grilled mercilessly about her feelings inside a spa where she steadily turned up the heat. Because he wouldn’t say ‘Love’ nothing he could say was enough.

Bill didn’t seem to get a date – they just got in a limo and drove around a bit, him blissfully unaware of how poorly he handled Hometowns.

So of course Ali sent Bill home because she didn’t appreciate him not being upfront about his past probably sexual history with his mate Amy, who she had to spend last week’s Hometowns with. Let’s be real, she was ready to kick him out last week but Charlie was just even more insufferable.

The thing the internet zeroed in on tonight was the way Bill admitted that he and Amy had… not… dated… even though “dated” is the word Amy used for their relationship. He had “been with her“, which we all concluded meant ‘gone to Bone Town with’.

Some have pointed out that Amy and Bill definitely perceived their relationship differently.

Still, there’s a good point to be made here about talking about casual sex on the telly – and what happened to Bachelor fave Cass Wood.

Anyway, that’s that. Bill is gone. We can all look forward to seeing him cock it up all over again on Bachelor in Paradise next year. Can’t hardly wait.