Australia Is Inconsolable After Angel Todd Got His Heart Smashed To Smithereens

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RIGHTO: In tonight’s giant ad for the gorgeous Northern Territory, Bachelorette Ali found her love in Taite which means poor angel Todd was left absolutely heartbroken. In fact, I would go as far to say it equalled the brutality of Matty J‘s rejection in Georgia Love‘s season.

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Funnily enough, Taite appeared to be bloody terrified of Ali’s three-year plan in the beginning of the episode. From the get go Ali’s been real clear about getting married and having kids but as things started to progress, Taite realised he sort-of-kind-of-wasn’t-ready-for-it.

As the man says, he’s here to find love – not be a father and husband in a hot second.

And look, fair enough.

So Taite tells Ali this in so many words and she’s absolutely devastated.

It gets even uglier especially when Ali asks, “Do you love me?” and Taite still can’t give her the answer she wants. He does say his feelings are certainly heading that way but he really doesn’t want to put a timer on their relationship.

After their chat, Taite actually tells the camera that he feels like he’s just pushed Ali away.

At the time, I boldly sat back and thought: ‘Hey, Todd might have a chance here’ but boy was I wrong.

MEANWHILE, on Todd’s final one-one-one time with Ali, he utters all of these words:

“I’m always going to sacrifice for you”

“I’m thinking of marriage and kids with you, I see you as the mother of my children.” 

“I would do anything to make you happy. And I want to give it to you forever.” 


Around the country, Bachie viewers put their roses out because they know Todd is going to get his heart broken into tiny little pieces.

Their timelines just don’t match. It’s as simple as that.

And then it happens.

The 26-year-old future copper steps out of the limo first… tucked in his pocket is a beautiful ring with an impressive rock on it from ~Dracakis Jewellers~. 

In Ali’s ‘goodbye’ speech to Todd, she practically tells him he ticks every single box but as she’s learned on this journey, it’s not all about the checklist.

Something is missing.


The look of realisation on Todd’s face is the equivalent of your dog watching you leave for a three month stint in Europe. And even though the poor bloke crumbles, he’s such a good human being about it.

“I’m so happy for you,” he says through tears. “You found yourself a great guy.” 

“I want you to be happy.” 

“If you do ever need me I’ll always be there.” 

Fucking hell, Todd.

As you can imagine, Twitter is in TEARS.


But despite the crushing heartbreak, life goes on and for Todd, things might just be looking up.

OH YEAH, the happy couple.

Yeah, alright they’re pretty cute.