Todd’s Down For ‘The Bachelor’ 2019 ‘Cos He’d “Exercise Every Option” For Love

Hello Bachie producers, please give the people what they want: which is Perth boy Todd King for The Bachelor next year – that is if he is dumped by Ali Oetjen this week. (My take: he’s too young for her batshit timeline so will be, sorry).

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When asked by NW today if he’d be up for the starring role next year, King was too humble, but admitted he wants to “exercise every option” to find love.

To be honest, at the end of the day this whole experience has made me learn a lot about myself. I think you’re always looking for love, and I think I’d exercise every option to find it. But I’m just a nothing from Geraldton in WA.

We interpret that as yes, pls, sign me up, if necessary I would very much appreciate another chance to find love via the very trustworthy matchmaker that is reality television/Network Ten.

Don’t believe there’s demand for the man who literally looks like a Disney prince – and has inspired much thirst amongst the Bachie community – to be our youngest ever Bachelor?

While some are saying Todd King updating his Insta profile to “Wannabe athlete” is a sign he’s trying to impress his fitness-focused new girlfriend, Oetjen, it seems more telling in our eyes that his profile picture is no longer Bachelorette-related. It is my firm belief that the last-minute Todd love story is nothing but a red herring, and that the young buck heads home to WA sans rose.

King himself teased the likelihood that Oetjen might pull a Honey Badger on Thursday night’s ep, in which case he’d be totally cool with it and would support her decision.

I think it could always be a possibility. In the blink of an eye, things can go wrong, I mean we saw it with Charlie. If I do make it to the final two and she doesn’t want either of us, like Nick, it’s completely fine by me.

And if I’m not the guy at the end, then I’m happy that she’s happy. I care about her that much, that if it isn’t me at the end, then that’s fine. I don’t think Nick’s deserved the scrutiny he’s gotten either because at the end of the day he didn’t find someone right for him and he stuck to that. He didn’t just choose someone for the sake of it.

Still, don’t assume he’s out of the running yet: King says he’s willing to uproot his life and head to Adelaide to make the relationship work if he takes out the season.

I think she deserves that. She deserves someone to sacrifice for her and to uproot their life to fit into hers because in her past she’s always been the one to do that.

I think it’s a commendable thing… and I’m willing to make the move for her if it turns out that way, too.

At this point, nothing is certain. We’ll just have to hold out until Wednesday.