‘Bachie’ Villain Charlie Filmed Brawling W/ Security At Popular Sydney Pub

Bachelorette villain Charlie Newling was filmed over the weekend being subdued by security staff at popular Sydney venue The Sheaf, just two days after his zesty exit from the series was broadcast.

The Daily Mail have scored footage of the incident, which shows Newling being wrestled to the ground by security guards out the front, after he wasn’t allowed back into the pub at about 11pm on Saturday night.

Seriously just watch the video HERE.

An eyewitness told the tabloid:

He wrestled with three security [guards] for ages and was completely kicking off. They took him down and put him in a headlock. [Charlie] lay there for ages until an ambulance rocked up, then the police came shortly after and it was all done.


But they also gave Newling the chance to explain himself: he says he had tried to get back inside after exiting the bar with a woman, because he’d left his keys and phone inside.

He says he was “choked” by guards, and ended up with a “bruised throat and arm“.

Here’s what Newling says:

I pulled [the exit door] and the security slammed it shut and my arm was trapped. It was crushing me. I then had [security] on top of me.

I couldn’t order an Uber without my phone and needed my keys from inside.

The police came and held me for an hour and half while reviewing the CCTV footage and then let me go as I’d done nothing wrong.

He then says that a venue manager “apologised” for the actions of the security staff.


The Sheaf too made a non-specific statement to the tabloid:

We’d like to thank the Rose Bay Police, our security team and the Ambo’s [sic] for their help, professionalism and guidance last weekend. For the benefit of our guests we don’t like to comment on specific incidents [sic].