Australia’s New BF Konrad Spills The Tea On His Shock Elimination And His New Fling With Abbie

konrad the bachelorette

Last night, fan fave Konrad Bien-Stephens said goodbye to Brooke Blurton and The Bachelorette house after a heart-wrenching elimination, which may have come as no surprise to anyone who saw the pics of him and Abbie Chatfield going to smooch town.

We caught up with the reality TV heartthrob to have a chat about his experience in the mansion, his connection to Brooke and the possibility of a relationship with other Bachie fan-fave Abbie.

P.TV: So, Australia was pretty blindsided by last night’s ep – what went through your head when Brooke sent you home?

Konrad: I thought the home towns date we had was pretty special, I had a really great day, so I was caught off guard a little bit.

But I suppose from the date before and our chats around the future, it was in my mind that I may be going home.

Did you feel like you genuinely connected with Brooke throughout the experience?

K: I definitely thought there was a genuine connection there, totally. She’s a really cool girl so I thought there could’ve been something between us, but the whole experience is like speed dating on steroids, so not a normal scenario.

She obviously had her doubts or insecurities about what may happen going into the future, and was super respectful of my feelings in not taking me further.

Now that you’re gone, who do you think is gonna win, in your place?

K: I have no idea. Brooke has a really tough job. They’re all great people who bring so much to the table. They’re all so different, so it’s going to be tough.

Last night’s chat about being currently unemployed had some viewers really supporting you and some calling it a red flag. How much do you think that played into Brooke’s decision?

K: We film a lot of things for the episodes, and they have to condense all the information into a short period of time to put forward what Brooke’s thinking. We had chats about why I wasn’t working, how I lost my job due to COVID and received redundancy payments and long service leave.

Still, right now, I’m in the transition period in my life where I have the opportunity to try something different while still having qualifications to fall back on. But y’know, they can’t show everything, and something that played on Brooke’s mind was that I didn’t have a solid plan to tell her, so that’s what they showed.

I can understand that they had to show that so people understood what was going through her mind, and it’s fair enough, she wants stability and security… but I’m taking the opportunity while I can to maybe try something that’s a little bit more fulfilling to me, or that I’m a little bit more passionate about.

You’ve been really supportive of the queer community during your time on the show. Do you think the way forward for reality TV is to have queer contestants and open it up to queer romances being normalised on national telly?

K: Definitely! We’re all human beings at the end of the day, and people are beautiful. If you’re not intentionally hurting anyone I don’t see why anyone should be seen as any different. I’d love to see more of it.

It felt really special to be a part of a season that was inclusive of First Nations people and the LGBTQIA+ community. I met some really beautiful people in there and learnt some really powerful stuff.

There’s been a lot of chat about who the next Bachie should and will be, and your name has been thrown around a lot – are you up for it?

K: If I was single and they approached me, I would definitely do it!

It kind of seemed last night that you don’t want to get serious with anyone again after being dumped by Brooke but the entire country is definitely keen on you and Abbie Chatfield as a couple. Is that the way it’s going or was it just a random kiss?

K: Look, it’s been a long time since production wrapped for The Bachelorette. I randomly met Abbie through a mutual friend a couple of weeks ago. She’s a really cool girl and I’m excited to see what the future holds for her and I.

Konrad might be out of the house, but he’s not out of our hearts. And we daresay this probably isn’t the last we’ve seen of the Bachie fave.