Here’s A List Of Our Fave Abbie/Konrad Ship Names & Krabbie Chattie Supremacy Pls

Abbie Chatfield and Konrad, surrounded by ship names.

So, now that it’s offical Aussie royalty Abbie Chatfield and Konrad-Bien Stephen are in a relationship, it’s time for the fun bit. No, I don’t mean incessantly stalking the two on social media and living vicariously through their perfectly curated yet somehow really authentic photo dumps. It’s ship name time, baby.

The PEDESTRIAN.TV editorial Slack chat, arguably the funniest and most interesting stream of messages ever, has come to a debate on what the best ship name to refer to the Abbie/Konrad union is. As it turns out, Abbie too is on the search for a couple name to brand her new relo. Well, never has our office banter become so relevant.

So, because we’re happy to help, we’ve decided to list some good Abbie/Konrad ship names to help the two enter their Insta-couple era.

Our dear music editor Courtney suggested The Geminids, which I actually love. She also suggested Krabbie Chat-Bien, which is very succinct, to the point, gets the job done, but also Krabbie is pretty funny. A good all-rounder.

This led me to my contribution for the list, which is definitely the most important one, and that’s…. Krabbie Chattie. So fans of the couple can call themselves Krabbie Chatties!! You know you love it. Abbie if you read this, know that I put my heart and soul into that contribution and it’s objectively perfect.

Anyway, a very close second (in my opinion) was a ship name from our dear writer Michael that had me in a fit of giggles because it’s so good: Kornfield. Omg.

Absolutely incredible. (Abbiesolutely incredible??)

Anyway, even though those are the best options and I can’t imagine Abbie Chatfield needing any others, here are a list of other names that we also liked:

  • Krabapple
  • Krabbrad
  • Abrad
  • Raddie (love this one!)
  • Konbie
  • Radfield
  • Konrabbie
  • RadAbs (very fitting if I do say so myself)
  • Kobie
  • Krab. Just Krab.
  • And lastly, Abra Kodabra

You’re welcome xx.