Apparently Konrad Has Been Yanked Out Of The Running To Be Next Year’s Bachie & The Tea Is Spicy

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

The Bachelorette Australia 2021 babe Konrad Bien-Stephen getting busted pashing ex Bachie babe Abbie Chatfield may have been A++ tea for us, but apparently it’s landed ya boi in some major shit with the show’s producers.

Word on the street is that Konrad was being eyed by for The Bachelor 2022 but after breaking the rules, angry producers have reportedly pulled him out of the running.

“Channel 10 had some very big plans for him,” a sneaky source told So Dramatic!.

The insider added that Konrad was the “producer’s favourite” and they were keen to make him the next Bachelor, but now? Forget it!

An unnamed contestant from the current Bachelorette season spoke to the So Dramatic! podcast for a recent ep and said that “it’s The Konrad Show. He’s their golden boy. I have a feeling they are setting him up to be the next Bachelor.

“I think he knows that too because he wasn’t even subtle or trying to hide his romance with Abbie.”

And that’s not the only big opp he’s missed out on.

So remember how a while back when this year’s Bachie season was kicking off, the So Dramatic! podcast revealed that for the first time ever, the contestants would receive a $5K bonus, and in exchange, they had to avoid dropping spoilers or they’ll lose the dosh?

Well, since Konrad spoiled the fact that he gets evicted from the show, apparently he’s officially missed out on the bonus bucks!

A production insider told Daily Mail Australia that Konrad was recently contacted by “livid producers” after they saw the spicy snaps.

“They were fuming. I would have hated to be on the other side of that phone call,” the insider claimed.

“They were livid. Producers have gone to extreme efforts to make sure that the cast don’t go rogue and felt like they have done a really good job at getting audiences to feel like he’s a strong frontrunner.”

To be fair, it’s not like he needs the publicity or a shot at being the next Bachelor now that he’s found lurve in Abbie Chatfield.

I’m just keen as for him to regain access to his Instagram page so he can hard-launch his relationship with Abbie!