Abbie Chatfield Has Slammed Laura Byrne For Weighing In On The Brittany Hockley Discourse

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Laura Byrne has now weighed in on the discourse surrounding her mate Brittany Hockley and fellow ex-Bachie star Abbie Chatfield.

Byrne hit out at Chatfield following the announcement of her new BINGE series FBOY Island Australia.

“Talks about dismantling the patriarchy, announced that they are hosting F-Boy Island, a show that encourages men to lie to women and manipulate their emotions to win a cash prize,” she wrote.

“That’s enough internet for me for one day. The absolute hypocrisy.”

Chatfield swiftly fired back on her Instagram Stories.

“I would not turn up to the show if that was the premise,” she said.

“You need to address what your co-host did rather than trying to retaliate in this passive aggressive way. At least tag me, babe.”

She went on to defend the series, saying that she gives folks permission to “roast” her if the series is “fucked.”

“But don’t make weird assumptions off a show that hasn’t even been created yet,” she said.

“Also Laura if you’re really such a staunch feminist and you’re going to dissect this show that you haven’t watched yet and you are reformed from that time you shamed me when I was on The Bachelor, then I would think you would’ve DM’d me when this thing broke and said ‘I’m sorry and I don’t stand by what Britt or Kyle did. It’s inappropriate, I’ve spoken to her.’ But you didn’t. All you’ve done is post Stories about me to try and catch me out but you didn’t even catch me out because you didn’t see the show.”

It comes after Chatfield rejected Hockley’s Instagram apology for making slut-shamey comments on the radio with Kyle Sandilands.

“Sorry, but your internalised misogyny and insecurities (which resulted in your misogynistic comments) are the reason you felt ‘pitted’ against me,” she began.

“Also! You didn’t say as little as possible. You added commentary. You weren’t silent. You asked if we had sexted after Kyle asked if I had sent nudes, you brought me up two more times in total,” she added in a subsequent IG Story.

“Don’t blame the segment and live radio. If you can’t hold your own in that environment, maybe it’s not for you.”

“I don’t see an apology to me, I don’t see any understanding of why what she and Kyle did was wrong, or an explanation to her audience,” she continued.

“I just see an excuse of live radio, then a self-written character testimony, then a (tbh) fair reason why she didn’t see my DM, though we have messaged before.”

“Britt hasn’t apologised to me, FYI. This is also, in my experience on BIP, repeated behaviour. I won’t say more but this whole thing hasn’t been shocking to me,” she added.

She concluded, “Done with this after that statement. Hopefully this will make people realise that slut shaming isn’t funny or cute or a personality trait. It’s damaging, to individuals and to femmes as a whole. Anyway, let’s come back from 2019 to 2022.”

Her comments were in response to an Insta apology that Hockley uploaded where she admitted her comments about Abbie’s dating life were uncalled for.

“Firstly, I want to apologise for the undercurrent misogynistic tones that the interview had,” Brittany wrote.

“The nature of live radio is unpredictable and often unplanned, which was the case with the direction that this conversation took.

“Live on radio I found myself in a position where Abbie and I were pitted against each other. This was not planned, and this was not something I felt comfortable with and I thought by saying as little as possible in the interview it would not add any fire to the situation.”

“I see with hindsight that this was naive and contradictory to what I stand for,” the statement continued.

“It was not and never has been my intention to make anyone feel shameful for their dating or sex life.

“As a woman who has championed female empowerment, relationship equality and sexual freedom over the past four years, I am deeply apologetic that this happened.”

Look, I gotta say: it’s a bad look to talk about “championing female empowerment” when you’re on one of the most misogynistic shows in Australian radio.

“Secondly, much has been said that Abbie reached out to me nine days ago to discuss this via message,” the post continued.

“I was never notified that Abbie had reached out to me as I had muted notifications, given the overwhelming volume of messages I receive each day. I have since reached out.

“I acknowledge that the standard you walk by is the standard you accept. I will learn from this and do better in the future. I am sorry.”

ICYMI, Abbie Chatfield took to her podcast It’s A Lot and played a segment from the Kyle & Jackie O Show where Kyle and Brittany slutshamed her to Yung Gravy.

When the rapper said he had a budding relationship with Abbie, Kyle said “You and everyone else. Line up”. Brittany also chimed in with a barb of her own and commented she had  “no doubt” the two had planned dates.

The implication appeared to be that Abbie apparently goes on too many dates or is always available for one — the kind of slut shaming you certainly don’t expect to see in 2022, but hey, what do we expect from talking bin lid Kyle. From Brittany though? A little more disappointing. Talk about dragging other women down.

Abbie hit back at the comments on Instagram and called them out for their misogynistic trashing of a woman confident in her sexuality.

“I was incredibly disappointed to hear Kyle and Brittany slut shame me on breakfast radio during an interview with Yung Gravy,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

“I listened to the segment because a friend of mine said I was mentioned, and discovered a conversation that is not only sexist, and deeply upsetting, but also not even …funny? This ‘joke’ echoed throughout the entire interview is the lowest hanging fruit.

“I’m fine to be made fun of, say my radio show is shit or that my podcast never gets any awards (sad vibes), but don’t perpetuate misogyny on a huge platform, giving people listening a pass to slut shame. If it’s said on breakfast radio, it’s fine right?

“People on commercial stations and networks need to do better, and not jump to misogynistic rhetoric whenever they have the chance. Try to actually be funny, idk.”

In a snippet from her podcast, Abbie also said she reckons the two were projecting their own shame of sexuality on her. The barbs appear to suggest because Abbie is open about her dating and sex life, she must be dating or having sex all the time, which they seem to think is a problem.

If she was, that would be her own damn business and no one else’s — but even then, Abbie herself said she wishes she was “having as much sex as Kule and Brittany think I do”.

Honestly the only thing I can think of that’s more embarrassing than listening to the Kyle & Jackie O Show is actually being on it. Gross.