Go Off, King: Yung Gravy Has Slammed That ‘Wack’ Interview W/ Kyle Sandilands & Brittany Hockley

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Yung Gravy has weighed in on the discourse surrounding Abbie Chatfield and Brittany Hockley.

ICYMI: Brittany Hockley and Kyle Sandilands made gross slut-shamey comments about Chatfield while interviewing Yung Gravy.

During the interview, the artist, whose real name is Matthew Raymond Hauri, said he’d be keen to date Chatfield, to which Kyle responded: “You and everyone else. Line up, my friend, line up!”

When Gravy said, “I think we’ve got a date planned,” Hockley replied: “I have no doubt.”

Sandilands later asked if Chatfield had sent him nudes and Hockley asked if they’d “sexted” each other.

After the interview went live, Chatfield called it out on her podcast and it subsequently set off an exchange on Instagram with even Hockley’s mate Laura Byrne chiming in.

Yung Gravy has now put his two cents in on the drama, describing the Kyle & Jackie O Show interview as “wack”.

“I remember that interview… I remember them saying that. I was like, ‘This is kinda wack’,” Gravy told The Brag.

“Hopefully they’re close friends ’cause I didn’t really like how he [Kyle] reacted to it.”

The whole thing is currently blowing up over on Instagram.

Brittany Hockley apologised to Abbie Chatfield in a lengthy IG statement but it was not well received.

“Sorry, but your internalised misogyny and insecurities (which resulted in your misogynistic comments) are the reason you felt ‘pitted’ against me,” Chatfield fired back.

“Don’t blame the segment and live radio. If you can’t hold your own in that environment, maybe it’s not for you.”

Following the announcement of her new BINGE reality series FBOY Island Australia, Byrne entered the chat via her Instagram Stories.

“Talks about dismantling the patriarchy, announced that they are hosting F-Boy Island, a show that encourages men to lie to women and manipulate their emotions to win a cash prize,” she wrote.

“That’s enough internet for me for one day. The absolute hypocrisy.”

Chatfield swiftly fired back on her Instagram Stories.

“I would not turn up to the show if that was the premise,” she said.

“You need to address what your co-host did rather than trying to retaliate in this passive aggressive way. At least tag me, babe.”

She went on to defend the series, saying that she gives folks permission to “roast” her if the series is “fucked.”

“But don’t make weird assumptions off a show that hasn’t even been created yet,” she said.

“Also Laura if you’re really such a staunch feminist and you’re going to dissect this show that you haven’t watched yet and you are reformed from that time you shamed me when I was on The Bachelor, then I would think you would’ve DM’d me when this thing broke and said ‘I’m sorry and I don’t stand by what Britt or Kyle did. It’s inappropriate, I’ve spoken to her.’ But you didn’t. All you’ve done is post Stories about me to try and catch me out but you didn’t even catch me out because you didn’t see the show.”

The drama never ends.