Oh FFS, Now Megan Marx Has Given Her Two Cents On The Abbie/Brittany/Kyle/Gravy Discourse

Megan Marx, Abbie Chatfield, Brittany Hockley, Kyle Sandilands and Yung Gravy
Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Gather round children ‘cos Megan MarxDomenica Calarco and Em Rusciano (who has been ragged on by Meshel Laurie) have now given their two cents on the “slut-shaming” situation between Abbie ChatfieldBrittany HockleyKyle Sandilands and Yung Gravy. Oh, and Laura Byrne has also weighed in too.

You can catch up on the Chatfield, Hockley, Sandilands and Yung Gravy lore here, which includes Byrne’s hot take and the noted MILF lover slamming the gross interview.

Let us begin by starting with Marx’s thoughts and feelings.

She took aim at Chatfield via her Instagram Story, claiming she was engaging in “incredibly high-horsed judgemental diatribe”.

“Absolutely dying 😂,” Marx wrote.

“All this ‘work’ being done to dismantle internalised misogyny within the media space — with incredibly high-horsed judgemental diatribe that includes the public humiliation of another woman (all all the others in the past) — only to announce THE VERY NEXT DAY that they’re hosting Fuckboy Island? A morally anaemic show where men get paid to lie to women? Wtf? This is too good.

“Entertaining people through the humiliation of others is rank.

“This system of blaming individuals for very complex societal issues doesn’t just lack compassion — it makes us ineffective political actors.

“Too busy policing each other, too busy hurting and failing each other to enforce real change.

“Using ‘social justice’ as a BRAND to score gigs (THAT ARE CONTRARY TO YOUR WHOLE BRAND) is weird as shit.”

Morally anaemic? Diatribe? Someone read their thesaurus today!

Personally, my favourite part was when Marx attacked Chatfield for “entertaining people by humiliating others”, when Hockley and Sandilands did that first by making degrading, gross and slut-shaming comments about the It’s A Lot podcast host on live radio.

I’m begging for literally an ounce of critical thinking. A mere crumb.

Domenica Calarco also weighed in via an Instagram Story, which has since expired.

Per Daily Mail Australia, Calarco slammed Hockley for purporting to support other women but then… not actually supporting other women.

“I understand that Brittany probably wants to put her best foot forward, not fuck anyone over, impress people, be a little good girl, don’t do anything to piss anyone off so you can get more opportunities,” she said.

Laurie commented on a PEDESTRIAN.TV Instagram post about Abbie Chatfield calling out Brittany Hockley and Kyle Sandilands asking: “Oh fuck. Does she ever sleep?”

Rusciano replied to this comment saying: “@meshel_laurie yeah pretty well I imagine. She’s fkn killing everything. Total powerhouse. Love to see it.”

Laurie later clarified she “wasn’t being bitchy” and is “fully team Abbie”, and meant that Chatfield is across everything, day and night.

And there we have it. When will Prime Minister Anthony Albanese address the situation in parliament.